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Timing of Slack IPO

Author: John Densmorey
April 28, 2019
1 min read

San Francisco, CA - In an unusual situation, area resident and host of popular social events became rather miffed at a guest for drinking his last Diet Coke.
"I mean what idiot doesn't think aheat that that might of been mine man" said the irked Resident. The guest was unaware of the situation, but may have feigned ignorance -- research is ongoing.  The situation appears to be contained after guests and the Resident had their attention diverted when a freshly baked warm pumpkin pie came from the oven.

Agreemint on track to deliver major upgrade

Author: Joe Smithfort
April 26, 2019
1.25 minute read

San FRANCISCO , CA - Confidentiality Corp (tradenamed "") is on track to deliver a game changing upgrade to its popular contract negotiation platform.
CEO and founder Peter Graham remarked "this release is taking the best of Google Docs, combined with the best of Word, along with what people like in Docusign, to come up with the ultimate cloud based enterprise text editor and contract management platform.
"We are working with select customers today to roll out this new upgrade and so far the responses are overwhelmingly positive!".
More updates to come very soon said the CEO, likely over next 30 days.
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