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Disrupting Google Docs and MS Word?

Author: Sr. Editor
Date: Oct 27, 2019
Read time: Pretty fast

A start up out of San Francisco ( is changing the game in how documents are drafted, negotiated and signed.   To us it feels like a combination of Google Docs, with Word, along with Docusign, along with a very clever negotiation design editor (‘trello-like’ board) to capture priority driven needs in a document - both publicly or privately between parties.

Agreemint has rolled out this service to a very select few of target customers today and getting really impressive results.  Nearly 50% of the responders of these documents are requesting access to initiate new docs on the platform today, reported from the founding team.  

 “This was a solution long overdue, but also not obvious to many until we describe it in our demonstrations.  We have top tier seed investments, but what is most compelling is that our customers needs and willing to pay will be able to grow our operations without impacting dilution much” say Founder and CEO Peter Graham.

Agreemint believes this solution will ultimately help the redundancy in negotiation flows in B2B, where typcially patterns of negotiation (or redlining) is repeated over and over and slowing down closing time and increasing administration costs.  Much in the way Calendly has changed the way people think of setting up a meeting, Agreemint is making people reconsider how they set up a document or contract with another.  

The Agreemint solution is not considered a Lifecycle Managent solution, and prides itself as independent of whatever CLM a customer is deciding to use.

We are excited about using Agreemints products here at our staff HQ, and showing very positive results in our early use.

Adobe Creative Cloud - whats new?

Author: Gordon Lightfoot
Date: Nov 10, 2019
Read time: 37 seconds

Adobe isn’t playing around with their latest in Creative Cloud from what was learned at the Adobe Max this month in Los Angeles.

The big updates include major advancements in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition and Bridge. 

One of the biggest features of the year included Adobe After Effects Content-Aware Fill feature, and we expect the new updates to expand the accuracy and performance of this ground breaking feature for video editors.

Rulers and Guides was a very nice advancement in Adobe Premiere over 2019, which allows for easier  placement of objects, title, and general harmonious balance in a video render. 

We also expect major advancements in Adobe Illustrator, with particular new support of IPAD, mirroring all the same features as in a  desktop version.

Adobe Fresco, previously called Project Gemini, would have new advancements as well.   In particular for a new set of users that want the feel and simplicity of regular style painting and drawing without using a bezier tool, native in Adobe Illustrator. 

Google Maps feature we have waited for is now on Android

Author: Staff Tech writer
Date: Nov 3, 2019
Read time:  35 seconds

Announced in Goolge IO back in May, Google maps incognito mode finally hit testing in early October 2019, when Google announced server private features.  Incognito mode on Google maps is a welcome privacy enhanced edition, allowing a user to untie some of their own Google Maps activity (primarily your whereabouts) from their own Google accounts.  And now the feature is finally (after long pestering by Google Map users) on Android devices in Nov 2019.
However, there are some important features that would be disabled by turning on your incognito mode, like Location History, your places, location sharing, contributions, or offline maps.
Here at SVELT we think this is a welcome addition, epecially with growing concern of users privacy in todays internet.

Sometimes it is important to cut it up

Author: Random writer
Date: In the Past
Read time:  Need coffee

An Area CEO went out to quickly moonwalk in the Detroit airport, while reading some texts on his phone. Passerbys were not exactly certain what might be going on, since the moonwalking CEO seemed oblivious to the mini audience watching the smooth flowing moonwalking procedure. Damn straight!

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