TestRigor Reviewed by our staff

Author: Joe Pajeski
Aug 5, 2019
1.30 minute read

San FRANCISCO, CA -, a next generation QA automation tool that is set to disrupt how any front end application tests its product is gaining strong traction behind the leadership of CEO Artem Golubev. Here at SVELT we have tested the products as well, and we must say we are very impressed.
TestRigor continues to advance the product bi monthly with very useful features for architects and application providers.

Latest Adobe After Effects Release Reviewed

Author: Shiela Jackson
May 1, 2019
1.30 minute read

San FRANCISCO, CA - Adobe releases a much anticipated content aware fill tech for Adobe After Effects in April 2019. And as many dedicated After Effects users can attest many viewed this potential with cautious optimism. Well, here at Research we can say with welcoming confidence that it works well and saves time in editing. We have seen it work perfect in situations where there is a clear contrast between the primary subject and the background, maybe 90% of the time. However in cases where the contract is less strong, the feature may have some struggles.
This release keeps the user community engage and seeing that Adobe is the right bet for staying ahead of the curve!

Samsung Galaxy 10

Author: Chris Forlenz
March 23, 2019
1 minute read

The S10e could well be the people's favourite. The price is right, the specs are right and the real-world performance is up there with all flagships from other manufacturers. In 2019, we no longer have to worry about a sluggish high end phone, or deal breaking feature compromises just to have a smaller handset. We really do live at a time where phone buyers are spoiled for choice in every price bracket.
To keep the cost of the S10e down, Samsung did of course remove some features which have been discussed in this review. However, we still have a phone that is packed with high end specs, retains the MicroSD card slot, headphone jack, is still IP68 water and dust resistant, has fast wireless charging and might even have faster 25W wired charging with a future update.It is a smaller phone compared to other flagships, but still packs a big punch, especially for the money.

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